Hello everyone My name is Ana and I love Justin Bieber like soo much. Im a huge Belieber. Therefore, I decided to make this website about Beliebers. It's quotes that people have made about Beliebers (myself in cluded). If you don't know what a Belieber is. Well I feel sorry for you. It's someone who truly Believes in Justin Bieber aka is a fan of the 16 year old hottie (: Okay so i will give credit to everyone who tells me quotes about Beliebers. PEACE.


- Beliebers aren't a big thing - they're a million little things ; ♥ ☮ (:

-The most beautiful discovery beliebers can make is that they can grow separately without growing apart//;♥

-Beliebers are like roses they are beautiful and gentle, but will cause pain in the process of defending Justin Bieber  ♥ ♫ ☮ (:

The language of Beliebers are not words but Justin Bieber songs (:

                                                                                                        - BieberRebels